Monday, 21 September 2009

Look, Skyrider!

That has to count as one of my weaker puns ever...

Sorry - couldn't resist.

Yesterday here in London was the Mayor's Skyride day - and several of London's main roads were shut to traffic for 8 hours and opened to us mere mortals on our two wheeled vehicles. (OK, to be honest, some had more than 2 - but all were pedal powered)

But what is always good is when there is corroborative evidence of the event, something that proves you were there, and something from a third party, not from your own source. So thank you must go to the Mayor of London who provided the following photographic evidence that I was at the SkyRide...

Just in case you wondered - I am the one with the sunglasses and the cap - not the one with the helmet, blond hair and lovely smile.


  1. Oh wow. I honestly don't think I can even ride a bike anymore. The last time I tried I certainly couldn't but then I was slightly trashed.

    Nice photo - well done!

  2. WOW - Looks like you are enjoying the view in front of you. The smile says it all, or am I looking at it wrong - is it a grin of pain.