Sunday, 13 September 2009

Hockey in the Surrey sunshine

Hockey is usually a winter sport, but just on ocassion you end up playing a game in lovely sunshine.

However, when that "game" is a pre-season tournament, and the "warm" day is a glorious autumn day and you find yourself playing three shortened games on that day, then you start reconsidering your enthusiasm for the coming season...

Still, it was a great day out. However, having previously thought I was enjoying some degree of fitness, my laboured breathing and impersonation of a puffing steam engine (lots of noise, and not much puff...) I soon realised that I need a lot more fitness work before the season proper gets going.

That was Saturday.
Sunday was what is known to athletes as a "rest day". In truth however, just about every muscle in my legs has gone on strike. They are very annoyed at the trauma I put them through yesterday...

My biggest worry is that it usually takes two days for muscles to fully reach their most painful.
That means tomorrow is going to be anything BUT a good morning.


  1. You're right Mike! The second day is always the worst... Hmmm, maybe that's why I don't try doing any ab-crunches or sit ups any more!
    Great blog by the way - I've been a lurker for a while and having lived in London way back in 1991-92 it's been great to read about it via your experiences.

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  2. Hello Kath! and thank you for lurking.

    Thanks for the compliment, I have offen popped in at your blog too, so I apprecaite your visit from Australia.

    Where in london were you - North or South?

    Hope to see you here again soon